This part of The Signed Page is devoted to those questions that periodically pop up through correspondance that are not answered elsewhere on the website. If you have a question needing an answer and think it would be helpful for others, please contact Shawn and we’ll post it as quickly as possible.

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Questions: Are the the books for sale first edition / first printing copies?

Answer: Yes, they are, unless otherwise noted on the listing. We also try very hard to catch any flaws on dust jackets, books, or pages.

Question: Can I have the writer personalize a book with a specific message I write (ex. Happy Birthday, etc.)?

Answer: Sometimes. I leave this up to the writer. If they are pressed for time they will usually write their own personalization in the book. But it doesn’t hurt to try and some writers enjoy doing it it—as long as it is within reason.

Question: Can you get a specific author I want to come and sign for The Signed Page?

Answer: Maybe. It depends on the writer and the ties I might share with them. Most of the authors who have signed for fans via The Signed Page have come about due to working relationships I share in the publishing industry. For any suggested author, I will try to contact his/her publicist, editor, or even webmaster to get in touch with them and ask if they’d like to sign at The Signed Page. If you have a suggestion, contact Shawn.

Question: How do I know this service is legitimate? What assurances do you have?

Answer: Oddly, I don’t have any assurances. Trust is needed. What I can say is I’ve gathered photos here of the writers who have signed for The Signed Page and I’m not that talented with Photoshop to digitize a fake photo. The next step for The Signed Page is to integrate contests that include one lucky fan, their favorite writer, and a webcam. Another test run will be with Jacqueline Carey on July 13, 2011. Let’s hope it goes well and maybe you’ll see the writer in person for real and know the service is authentic.

Question: Can I send books to you and have them signed by the writer?

Answer: The Signed Page did allow this once upon a time after its inception, but it quickly became a staggering mess. Some people said their books came back damaged and wanted funds back even though I had returned them back in the same packaging they had arrived in. It wasn’t true, of course, and rather than open up that possibility I removed it. The answer now is, “No, no one can send me books to be signed.”

Question: Should I choose Media Mail shipping Priority Mail shipping? What is the difference?

Media Mail is a bit slower than Priority Mail but costs less. If you choose Priority Mail though, your order will be in the USPS for a shorter time, resulting in less opportunity for the order to be damaged. Note: Customers who order using Priority Mail are not guaranteed their order will ship first. Priority Mail is merely a means to keep your order safer as it travels through the USPS shipping network.

Question: What should I do if my mailing address has changed since I ordered?

Answer: This happens quite regularly, so don’t panic. Write Shawn at The Signed Page and include your former address as well as your new address. Then make sure to change the address in PayPal as to have the most current information available for future orders.

Question: It is after the signing date and I have not received my books. What should I do?

Answer: The Signed Page works hard to be as diligent as it can be in shipping out books. For the larger signings, it takes approximately a week to box and ship the hundreds of orders that come in. But if you have not received your book within three weeks of a signing date, contact Shawn. Often it has been delivered but left with someone else or it has been returned (ie. due to incorrect address given by orderer or the orderer has moved). If it is the latter of these reasons, The Signed Page will need additional shipping funds to ship the order to the correct mailing address.

Question: I know you have shipped out the books but I have not received an email with a tracking number?

Answer: 1) Many customers order multiple books on the same receipt. If a book signing has happened but there is a different signing happening later, the first book won’t go out until the second book is signed. 2) Sometimes a person uses an old or different PayPal email address to order and therefore never check it. Please be sure to check the email you ordered with.

We work hard to maintain consistent quality and outstanding customer service, and it is our pleasure to help others gather books signed by their favorite writers.
Please contact Shawn with any questions the website does not answer.